It’s my first day and I already failed at the first part of my assignment— no big morning dancing.

For the second part, I took a bit of a planned risk. My friends and I get together every month to eat good food and discuss a topic that’s been on our minds. This month, I volunteered to facilitate the discussion around the ethics of behavior change. There were definitely a couple of moments when I felt uncomfortable being the “leader” of the discussion. I knew that with a room of such brilliant people, we could have a great conversation without any direction. And besides, this is a casual, fun gathering. It was difficult to be the leader in a casual way. Aside from these thoughts in my own mind, the dinner went very well— delicious food, great conversation, happy friends, as always. And I did feel like I took a few risks and opened up about some parts of my life that I wouldn’t normally tell a group of people about.

I had also assigned myself the task of documenting this risky moment with a photograph. I’m realizing this might be difficult if I couldn’t even get a photo in the midst of my friends. Maybe I will make a little drawing for each moment instead.