After watching this week’s videos about visualizing and automating the process, I’m inspired to refine my assignments and the context around them to make them easier to follow. I think the first step towards that might be recording some of my existing tendencies, or my individual “culture”:

  • I drink a smoothie every morning. I usually make it at home and bring it to work in a travel mug because I’m running too late to drink it at home. 
  • I read on the train— often a library book, but occasionally something on my iPhone if the train is too crowded or if my mind feels too busy. I’ve found that the train is a great place to catch up on emails, but I’d often rather consume information than do any actual work.
  • I use iCal to coordinate my schedule. It pulls appointments from my work’s google calendar and syncs between my work computer and my iPhone, so I have it all the time. I am obsessive about adding reminders and events to my calendar to keep myself in check.
  • Evernote is another link between my personal and work lives. I use Evernote throughout the day at work to keep notes, brainstorm and make to do lists. Throughout the day, I often think of ideas or tasks or daydreams that I can’t pursue on the clock, so I write them in another Evernote note to remind myself when I get home.
  • Lately, I’m on a complicated diet, so I always bring my lunch to work. However, I normally try to bring lunch but allow myself to go out once or twice a week. I like using lunch as a way to hang out with my coworkers. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we’ll start having lunch on the patio, which allows me to eat my packed lunch and hang out with coworkers at the same time!
  • Before the complicated diet, a busy or lazy night meant that my roommate and I would order food from Piehole (pizza), Dimo’s (pizza), or Cozy (thai). It was the ultimate relief and comfort.
  • After arriving home from work, I usually spend most of the evening in the kitchen— cooking, eating, cleaning up after myself, and occasionally hanging out with my roommates. I’m always amazed at how late it is once I’ve cooked, eaten and cleaned up.
  • Whole Foods is an easy walk between my train stop and my house, which means that I go there almost daily to pick up an ingredient or two for dinner or lunch the next day. When I’m there, I always want to get a little something extra, and I usually allow myself one thing that wasn’t on my list. This is dangerous at Whole Foods.
  • I go to yoga every Saturday at 12pm. I always imagine that I’ll wake up early enough to do something before this on Saturdays, but I always end up jumping out of bed and rushing out the door just in time.
  • After yoga, I always want to sit down on the couch. I’ve learned that if I don’t sit down, I can harness the energy gained and use it for chores. But I’d much rather sit down and take a nap.
  • Now that it’s getting nice outside, I always want a reason to come home from work and relax outside. I don’t want to go for a run or anything, I just want to be in a sunny place.
  • I love food. Gathering small groups of good friends around food is my favorite social interaction.
  • I spend way too much time browsing food blogs and adding recipes to my YummySoup organizer.
  • I get into addictive cycles with the food blogs, as well as checking my Facebook news feed and likings things on Svpply. 
  • Drawing, scanning and coloring in Photoshop is a relaxing and rejuvenating activity that I don’t do enough, but when I make time, it makes me happy.
  • Thinking through an idea, consuming inspirational information and planning is easy and addictive for me, but doing things is draining and difficult.