Today I decided to make my assignment a bit more straightforward. There are so many different kinds of "mini-risks" I could take each day, it can get a little overwhelming just to make the decision. To be more specific, I decided to think a bit more about the actual challenge I'm trying to address. My problem is not with having confidence in myself— I can even be a bit over-confident when it comes to signing up for new challenges and projects. And it's not about being comfortable with people in general— once I get to know someone, I open up fairly quickly. The main challenge is in being able to express myself confidently to new people who I have not met yet. So I think my new challenge will be to meet one new person each day. 

Wei & Annemarie

Today, I met Wei at the Institute of Design's Transcultural Design night. She was presenting about her research on "the sex talk" between American parents and children. She showed us her project and we talked about the connection to my recent talk with a class of high school girls about STIs in their communities.

I often find myself discounting my attempts at my assignment. Tonight Wei introduced herself to us, so I felt I had cheated by not taking the initiative to introduce myself. But I kept reminding myself that my new assignment was to meet someone new each day, it doesn't matter who introduces themselves.

Dance, dance: