I’ve realized that doing this project on top of the diet I’ve been following for the past month is really taking a toll. I’m at my limit for decision making and self-control, and it’s starting to feel less like a fun challenge and more like a scary burden.

So I’d like to rethink my assignment. I want there to be as few choices involved as possible, and it should fit into my normal daily schedule. So let’s try this:

Every morning after my pump-up dancing, I’ll meet one new person on the train platform on my way to work. I’ll introduce myself, tell them about my project, and start a brief conversation by asking where they’re going on the train. I’ll post about each new person I meet here.

I also thought about asking them a question like, “What’s something that you’ve learned lately?” or “What’s been on your to do list for too long?”. I’d like to do something like that, because then I could collect quick answers as a visual representation. I’ll start with the simple introduction and see if I can work the question in.